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What is Whitegold Capital

and what we are doing?

“Our destiny does not depend on the stars, but on our actions.” – William Shakespeare.

Whitegold Capital Ltd. is a professional club of traders, which was a closed community of selected traders. Our team includes six traders with different experience, knowledge and analytics. The Whitegold community is engaged in daily forecasting of events at the crypto-currency and currency exchanges, which gives our team a high probability of passing the event from 80 to 100%. Applying their knowledge, experience, analytical and statistical data, allows our team to earn from 5 to 10% weekly. In 2017, it was decided to establish a company to enter the world market.

How it works

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Investment Plans

“If you had the opportunity to change your destiny, would you do it?” – Walt Disney

Forex Basic

  • Min. Invest: 50$ - 500$
  • 3.5% per week
  • runs 57 weeks
  • Payout every two weeks (manually)
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Forex Diamond

  • Min. Invest: 2501$ - 5000$
  • 4.5% per week
  • runs 45 weeks
  • Payout every two weeks (manually)
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Crypto Basic

  • Min. Invest: 501$ - 2500$
  • 4% per week
  • runs 50 weeks
  • Payout every two weeks (manually)
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Crypto Diamond

  • Min. Invest: 5001$ - 10000$
  • 5% per week
  • runs 40 weeks
  • Payout every two weeks (manually)
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VIP Exclusive Plan

  • Min. Invest: 10001$ - 50000$
  • 25% per month
  • runs 10 months
  • Payout every two weeks (manually)
  • You're return after 10 months is 250%
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Why us?

Because we make investment easy

“Your first duty is to make yourself happy. If you are happy, you make others happy too. “- Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach

Why forex?

With more than $ 5.3 trillion in daily sales, the forex market is considered the largest financial market in the world.
Just imagine, you only get a fraction of the profits from this huge market.
A certain love for politics and a passionate analysis of the news and
of course the charts, bring forth an outstanding financial product that we are very proud of.

Why crypto?

Everyone is talking about Bitcoin.
It is not only this that motivates us to participate in this market. It is the sheer endless possibilities that this almost financial revolution offers.
Of the extremely profitable returns that the crypto market brings with it,
so are the different cryptocurrencies, each different in their way.
We want to support this. With you, we want to be part of this fascinating technology and participate in the long term.

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How to find us

We are a club of Traders and since now we don’t have an open office for our clients, but we are looking forward to opening an office in Limassol, Cyprus and in Germany.

Office coming soon: Limassol, Cyprus

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